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"DRAWING still life paintings AT HOME when I was 7 was my starting point.
Because of that, my parents
brought me to a WORKSHOP:
Grup d'Art Els Coloristes.
With the training, I developed a personal and REALISTIC style."

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Glòria started drawing at home under her own inspiration.

One day, she came up with a notebook full of still life drawings from her imagination.

Taking advantage of this, her parents decided to bring her to the workshop

Grup d'Art Els Coloristes where she received all her formation during fifteen years

under the guidance of Gemma Calatrava, Tatiana Bolancer and Francisco Molina.

Then, she moved to Utrecht (The Netherlands) to do Live Model drawing and Painting

at the Utrechts Centrum van de Kunst  with Ineke Kanters

While she was starting to develop her drawing and painting skills,

she won seven times the 1st prize of the drawing Saint Cecily's concurs from her hometown,

as well as being awarded by different Quick Instant Painting concourses

wherein just a morning she had to express all her skills and make a painting.


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